Enhanced Strength and Ductility in Hypo-Eutectoid Cu-Al Alloys through ECAP and Annealing


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In the present investigation, a bimodal structured alloy with ultrafine-grained (UFG) eutectoid matrix embedded with micrometer-grained pre-eutectoid phase was introduced into the hypo-eutectoid Cu-10.8wt.%Al and Cu-11.3wt.%Al alloys by means of pre-pressing heat-treatment, equal-channel-angular pressing (ECAP) and subsequent annealing. Different size of micrometer grained pre-eutectoid phase was obtained by controlling the cooling rate during pre-pressing heat-treatment of the hypo-eutectoid alloy. The tensile deformation behavior of the developed microstructures is characterized by a maximum tensile yield strength up to 800MPa, which is three times higher than that of the un-treated alloy. It is found that the size of the micrometer grained pre-eutectoid phase is critical to the improvement of the bimodal structured alloy. With larger micrometer grained pre-eutectoid phase, no obvious improvement in plastic elongation was observed with the increase of volume fraction of the pre-eutectoid phase from 20% to 40%, but a decrease in the yield tensile strength was observed. An optimal combination of strength and ductility was obtained particularly in those samples embedded with small-sized micrometer-grained pre-eutectoid phase, which provide extra strain gradient hardening effect.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 584-586)

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Yuri Estrin and Hans Jürgen Maier




S. H. Xia et al., "Enhanced Strength and Ductility in Hypo-Eutectoid Cu-Al Alloys through ECAP and Annealing", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 584-586, pp. 315-326, 2008

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June 2008