Pre-Tensioned Geogrids Reinforced Soil Structures with Face Panels in Fiber Glass


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This paper presents an innovative technology for soil reinforced structures. The technology is based on the use of pre-tensioned geogrids reinforcements and face panels reinforced with fiber glass. Main technology advantages are: i) the very light face with great variety of geometries, size, color and surface textures; ii) either the face and the reinforcements are corrosion free; iii) the good behavior under seismic actions; iv) reduction of structure horizontal strains due to the pre-tension. First, the state of art on reinforced soil structures is done and then the constituents of the new technology are presented followed by the reference to the main theoretical principles considered in its conception. Secondly, numerical data from the behavior, in static conditions, of geogrid reinforced soil structures with and without pre-tensioned reinforcements are presented. In the numerical study the FLAC program, based on the differences finites method, will be used. The construction of the structures will be modeled considering the sequential placement of soil layers and reinforcements, enhancing the deformation behavior of the structures. Thirdly, the advantages of the new technology against the traditional ones are quantified, based on the results of the numerical studies. Special relevance will be given to face horizontal deformations and reinforcements strains. Finally, the main conclusions about the new technology will be put forward and its main advantages towards traditional technologies will be listed. Application fields where the technology is competitiveness will be identified.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 587-588)

Edited by:

António Torres Marques, António Fernando Silva, António Paulo Monteiro Baptista, Carlos Sá, Fernando Jorge Lino Alves, Luís Filipe Malheiros and Manuel Vieira






A. Mendonça and M. L. Lopes, "Pre-Tensioned Geogrids Reinforced Soil Structures with Face Panels in Fiber Glass ", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 587-588, pp. 857-861, 2008

Online since:

June 2008




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