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Authors: Yong Min Kim, Su Gwan Kim, Sung Chul Lim
Abstract:This study analyzed immediate implantation and immediate loading of chemical mechanical polished (CMP) and resorbable blast media (RBM)...
Authors: B.J.M. Leite Ferreira, M.C.F. Magalhães, Rui N. Correia
Abstract:We investigated the in vitro formation of apatites and other biologically relevant calcium phosphates, in particular the influence of...
Authors: Sandra C.P. Cachinho, Rui N. Correia, Maria Helena F.V. Fernandes
Abstract:Mineralization experiments on glasses of the Si-Ca-P-Mg system were carried out for 7 days in carbonated simulated inorganic plasma (CSIP)...
Authors: Fernando A. Costa Oliveira, Patricia Pascaud, Joaquim Domingues, Teresa Marcelo, Jorge Cruz Fernandes, Luís Guerra Rosa
Abstract:Hydroxyapatite (HA) is widely used as a bone repair material. The use of microwave radiation as energy source for powders densification...
Authors: Ana L. Daniel-da-Silva, A.M. Gil, Rui N. Correia
Abstract:Porous κ-carrageenan based composites with potential application in bone tissue engineering have been prepared by in situ co-precipitation...
Authors: M.J. Moura, M.M. Figueiredo, M. Helena Gil
Abstract:This paper investigates the rheological behaviour of chitosan solutions crosslinked with different concentrations of genipin at body...
Authors: Susana Dias, Vera Lourenço, Carlos A. Nogueira, Fernando A. Costa Oliveira
Abstract:When preparing β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP), it is difficult to industrialise traditional methods because of the problem of particle...
Authors: Vera Lourenço, Susana Dias, Carlos A. Nogueira, Fernando A. Costa Oliveira
Abstract:This study focus on the synthesis of Ca-deficient apatites (CDA) by using the wet chemical precipitation method in demineralised water...
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