Investigation of Performance of Superplasticizing Admixtures Used in Hungarian Building Industry


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Concrete is the strongest candidate to be the most important construction material of the 21st century. This can be ensured by the continuous research and development of new materials and technologies regarding concrete construction. Properties of concrete can be expediently modified by adding special chemical materials called admixtures. In this research work effect of type and dosage of different superplasticizing admixtures available in Hungary were investigated in detail. Standard test methods such as flow table test and compressive test were applied to obtain effectiveness of the admixtures. Regarding the examinations done in the course of the research, we refer to the regulations of the EU harmonized admixture standard currently valid in Hungary MSZ EN 934-2:2002. In connection to that we will precisely quote the requirements specified in the standard regarding superplasticizers and will also mention the main differences compared to the plasticizer additives. Types, properties and use of superplasticizers are introduced in detail, too. Experimental results are evaluated to rate the efficiency in compliance with the requirements of the standard.



Edited by:

P.J. Szabó, T. Réti, T. Czigány






M. Takács and F. Nemoda, "Investigation of Performance of Superplasticizing Admixtures Used in Hungarian Building Industry", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 589, pp. 445-450, 2008

Online since:

June 2008




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