Materials Science, Testing and Informatics IV

Volume 589

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tamás Sándor

Abstract: The ATIG welding which is the high productivity version of conventional TIG welding, parallel with productivity increasing has some...

Authors: János Tóth

Abstract: The heating of basic material is considered the first step of the plastic hot forming. Most of the „prescriptions” concerning this process...

Authors: Csaba Balázsi, Aisha Bishop, Jason Yang, Katarína Sedlácková, Ferenc Wéber, Pelagia Irene Gouma

Abstract: From biological perspectives, biopolymer - hydroxyapatite nanocomposites for tissue replacement interact with the surrounding in vivo...

Authors: Csaba Balázsi, Radu Ionescu, Katarína Sedlácková

Abstract: In this work, nanocrystalline hexagonal tungsten oxide was prepared by acidic precipitation from sodium tungstate solution. TEM studies of...

Authors: Maria Berkes Maros, Nikoletta Kaulics Helmeczi, Ján Dusza

Abstract: Si3N4 is widely used as a structural ceramic, therefore mechanical characterization, especially in dynamic loading conditions is important...

Authors: Gábor Buza, Viktória Janó, Mária Svéda, Olga Verezub, Zoltán Kálazi, György Kaptay, András Roósz

Abstract: In the present study the analysis of 5 different mechanisms of porosity formation during laser melt injection (LMI) technology were...

Authors: László A. Gömze, Róbert Géber, Judit Csányi Tamásné

Abstract: Ceramics, concretes and asphalt-mixtures are the most popular building materials in Hungary, because of the highway programme of the...

Authors: Jenő Gubicza, Quang Hien Bui, F. Fellah, N. Szász, Guy Dirras

Abstract: Ultrafine-grained samples were consolidated from Ni nanopowders with the nominal particle size of 50 and 100 nm by Hot Isostatic Pressing...

Authors: Jenő Gubicza, Z. Fogarassy, György Krállics, János L. Lábár, Tamás Törköly

Abstract: Ultrafine-grained titanium was processed by severe plastic deformation (SPD). The SPD was carried out by equal channel angular pressing...

Authors: Imre Kientzl, János Dobránszky

Abstract: In this study Nextel 440 type alumina fibre reinforced aluminium matrix composite wires were investigated. Composite wires produced using...


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