Materials Science, Testing and Informatics IV

Volume 589

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Péter Kovács, Miklós Tisza

Abstract: Forming limit curves are very important for the prediction of failure during sheet metal forming both in practical forming operations and...

Authors: Andrea Makszimus, Zoltán Gácsi, C. Hakan Gür

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to find a relationship between the parameters describing the microstructural homogeneity of SiC particle...

Authors: István Mészáros

Abstract: In this paper we present a study of the separation of phases in multi-phase alloys. The proposed technique is based on the hyperbolic model...

Authors: István Mészáros

Abstract: In this paper a new data evaluation technique is presented for non-destructive magnetic measurements. This method is based on the...

Authors: A. Paszternák, A. Pilbáth, Z. Keresztes, Ilona Felhősi, J. Telegdi, Erika Kálmán

Abstract: The layer formation of phosphonic acids on mica surface as a model system, from aqueous and ethanol solutions has been investigated. The...

Authors: Balázs Solymossy, József Gábor Kovács

Abstract: This paper focuses on the effect of different fiber content on the mechanical properties of specimens with and without weld lines. The...

Authors: Gábor Romhány, Gábor Szebényi

Abstract: In our work we have prepared carbon fiber/epoxy composite and carbon fiber/carbon nanotube/epoxy hybrid nanocomposite laminates by hand...

Authors: Szilvia Szeghalmy, Péter Barkóczy, Maria Berkes Maros, Attila Fazekas, Csaba Póliska

Abstract: Residual stresses significantly influence the strength and lifetime of the glass products, therefore their qualification and quantification...

Authors: Tamás Tábi, Ferenc Tuba, László Oláh

Abstract: Nowadays as a result of the increasing environmental friendly consciousness and the decreasing oil reserves, natural origin based materials...

Authors: Viktor Bánhidi

Abstract: Microgravity experiments were executed to measure the convection free, pure heat conductivity and heat diffusivity parameters in molten...


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