Materials Science, Testing and Informatics IV

Volume 589

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zoltán Dudás

Abstract: This document shows the equations and some calculation results of two new Diffusion parameters. The Diffusion parameters assist the...

Authors: Zoltán Dudás

Abstract: This document explains and demonstrates two simple approximation methods based on the Newton formula. The first method makes possible the...

Authors: Gréta Gergely, Zoltán Gácsi, Olivér Bánhidi, Jenő Kovács, Arnold Rónaföldi

Abstract: The A356 alloy, which consists of 100-200 ppm modifier, namely strontium was examined. The samples were solidified unidirectionally, and...

Authors: Marianna Halász, Péter Tamás, József Gräff, Lajos Szabó

Abstract: A new equipment for measuring the draping characteristics of static cloth is presented in the paper. In contrast with Kawabata Evaluation...

Authors: Gábor Karacs, András Roósz

Abstract: The following two-dimensional model describes the process of isothermal austenitization in the hypoeutectoid and eutectoid unalloyed...

Authors: Tamás Mende, András Roósz

Abstract: Using the ESTPHAD (Estimation of Phase Diagrams) method, the liquidus and solidus curves in the equilibrium phase diagram can be created by...

Authors: László Molnár, Annamária Paróczi

Abstract: The structural improvement of tendon implant is running in frame of a research project at our department for 3 years. The main goal is to...

Authors: Zoltán Pálmai

Abstract: We have developed a technological and mathematical model for the fast deformation of metals, which, as a result of the non-linear nature of...

Authors: Tamás Réti, Enikő Bitay

Abstract: In several fields of materials science space-filling polyhedral systems are generally used for modeling and characterizing the...

Authors: Bálint Balogh, Péter Gordon, Róbert Kovács, Csaba Nagynémedi, Péter János Szabó, Gábor Harsányi

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to describe a failure analysis methodology applicable to reveal the root causes of electronic assembly failures....


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