Advanced Manufacture

Volume 594

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pai Shan Pa

Abstract: A mechanism design for the recycling process for removing the ITO-layer from color filter surface of TFT-LCD is presented. The defect rate...

Authors: Wei Chen Lee, Liang Wei Chen

Abstract: The objective of this research is to design and fabricate a general purpose 3D digitizer based on grinding technique to completely acquire...

Authors: Quang Cherng Hsu

Abstract: Image-processing technology is widely used in industry for automatic inspection and measurement through the capturing of object images by...

Authors: Hsiun Chang Peng, Long Sun Chao

Abstract: Rather than designated directly as solid if the micromesh (or cell) larger than a nucleus is chosen as the nucleation site, the growth of a...

Authors: Ching Yen Ho, Yi Chwen Lee, Chia Sheng Shih

Abstract: Dendrite needles grow from an undercooled melt and their shapes depend on the temperature distribution on the solidification front, which...

Authors: Ji Guang Han, Yang Bai

Abstract: By carefully researching and analyzing on cooling process of medium thickness steel plate, a mathematics model of heat transfer and its...

Authors: Seksan Chaijit, Yoshikazu Yajima, Kazuya Kikuchi, Shigeru Nagasawa, Yasushi Fukuzawa, Akira Hine

Abstract: This paper describes for breaking behaviors on the surface layer of a white-coated paperboard during indentation of a center bevel blade....

Authors: Yong Ming Guo

Abstract: Point collocation methods have no mesh, no integration. While, the robustness of the point collocation methods is an issue especially when...


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