Advanced Manufacture

Volume 594

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jinn Jong Sheu, Sheng Hao Fang

Abstract: In this paper, authors proposed an effective quality index of bending operation and a new punch profile design method to prevent defects....

Authors: Kuo Jao Huang, Wen Ruey Chang, Wun Chuan Lian

Abstract: To increase volume displacement is always concerning in designing external gear pumps (EGPs). Therefore, an approach of optimization...

Authors: Chien Wei Liu, Wen Lung Li, Chen Tung Yu, Chia Chi Lo

Abstract: The development of artificial joints is now considered quite mature, and the main treatment for osteoarthritis. However, in recent...

Authors: Kuang Chao Fan, H.M. Wang, Yi Cheng Liu

Abstract: In this study, a constant temperature environment chamber with high stability is proposed. In the proposed design, the outer temperature is...

Authors: Chih Hsiung Shen, Shu Jung Chen, Yin Ting Yang

Abstract: Conventionally the accelerometer behaves like a spring – mass system and its structures involve solid proof mass, which is allowed to move...

Authors: Dyi Cheng Chen, Jia Ci Wang, Gow Yi Tzou

Abstract: This study investigates a novel changing channel angular (CCA) extrusion process, in which high strains are induced within the billet by...

Authors: Hsiao Yeh Chu, Ming Hang Weng, Ru Yuan Yang, Chien Wei Huang, Chien Cheng Liu

Abstract: In this paper, we successfully fabricate polycrystalline silicon films with very large and uniform-size grains by the method of nanometer...

Authors: Wei Fan, Xiao Fen Yu, De Bao Li

Abstract: The piezoelectric actuator demonstrates superior characteristics of high displacement resolution, miniature size, high-frequency response,...

Authors: Min Chan Hwang, Stephen F. Felszeghy

Abstract: Automation engineering is interdisciplinary in its nature. One of the best ways for students to experience this interplay among different...

Authors: Charles V. Trappey, Amy J.C. Trappey, C.S. Liu, W.T. Lee, Y.L. Hung

Abstract: Enterprises in Taiwan are facing global competition which requires enterprises to implement sound business models and maintain effective...


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