Advanced Manufacture

Volume 594

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Chih Shen, Chung Jui Lee, Min Wen Wang, Yi Cheng Chen, Yu Jen Wang, Yung Yue Chen

Abstract: This paper presents a novel LIGA-like process to fabricate the nozzle plate for matching the requirements of the 600 dpi inkjet printhead....

Authors: Muh Ron Wang, Che Jui Yang, Jian Duen Huang, Tien Chu Lin, Ming Shen Sheu

Abstract: Uniform and spherical metal powders have been widely used in many industrial applications. This paper investigates the control of particle...

Authors: Cheng Chien Wang, I Han Chen, Chun Rong Lin, Chuh Yung Chen

Abstract: The core/shell type of cobalt ferrite nanocluster formed on the surface of the ionic copolymer microsphere was prepared by in-situ...

Authors: Tzong Shyng Leu, Jan Hua Lin

Abstract: Meniscus dynamic behaviors, as well as its optimal waveform of driving signal, in a squeeze mode piezoelectric inkjet device are studied in...

Authors: Chao Ming Lin, Chun Yi Chu, Wei Lin Chang

Abstract: The injection molding IC packaging process involves chip packaging and encapsulation techniques comprising mainly of cavity-filling and...

Authors: Hsiang Chen Hsu, Yu Chia Hsu, Chan Lin Yeh, Yi Shao Lai

Abstract: The objective of this research is to investigate the solder joint reliability of board-level drop test based on the support excitation...

Authors: Hsiang Chen Hsu, Hui Yu Lee, Wen Lo Shieh

Abstract: A three-dimensional finite element model of CMOS image sensor QFN packaging using ANSYS codes is developed to investigate the solder joint...

Authors: Jhy Cherng Tsai, Jin Fong Kao

Abstract: In this paper, experiments are designed and conducted to investigate the effects of abrasive size for Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP)...

Authors: Chun Ho Liu, A Cheng Wang, Kuo Zoo Liang, Sheng En Hsu

Abstract: The temperature effect is significant on the metal forming processes; for the quality of products and the tools life are extremely affected...

Authors: Chung Shin Chang, Lih Ren Hwang, Albert Wen Jeng Hsue

Abstract: Nine kinds of chamfered main cutting edge carbide tools were used in turning of high-strength glass-fiber-reinforced plastics (GFRP)...


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