Advanced Manufacture

Volume 594

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Long Sun Chao, Yu Ru Chen

Abstract: This paper is to investigate a double splitting excimer laser technique for making poly Si films. In this research, a KrF excimer laser of...

Authors: Long Sun Chao, Chien Hung Chang

Abstract: In this work, an macro-micro model has been developed for the melting and resolidification of thin Si films induced by excimer-laser...

Authors: Chao Chang Arthur Chen, Chih Ching Lin, Rung Chen

Abstract: Contact stylus instrument has difficulties in tracing large slope angle (LSA) lens for surface profile measurement due to the dilation of...

Authors: Yang Sian Chen, Jing Nang Lee, Sheng You Tsai, Chen Ching Ting

Abstract: The article presents a manufacturing process and their I-V curves measurements of the dye-sensitized nano solar cells (DSSCs). The...

Authors: Shin Chieh Lin, Hsin I Lu

Abstract: It is of interest to study the feasibility of using computing tomography technique on BGA inspection. The effects of system parameters on...

Authors: Chang Hsin Kuo, Jhy Cherng Tsai

Abstract: In this paper, we discuss the tolerance analysis methods for the component with a mean shift or drift. A new tolerance analysis model that...

Authors: Sheng Hong Tsai, Yu Tang Chen

Abstract: Microchannel heat sink is fabricated on silicon wafer by anisotropic etching, and used Pyrex #7740 as a transparent cover that integrated...

Authors: Yu Tang Chen, Chin Chun Hsu, Shung Wen Kang, Lung Chi Wu

Abstract: This study describes the results on the fabrication, testing and analysis of curved micro nozzle/diffuser. First, we use different...

Authors: Jium Ming Lin, Po Kuang Chang

Abstract: The key point of this research is to use Linear Velocity Transducer (LVT) to detect the vertical velocity of the stylus probe for the...

Authors: Min Chie Chiu, Ying Chun Chang, Long Jyi Yeh

Abstract: Research on new techniques of perforated silencers has been addressed; however, the research work in shape optimization for a...


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