Advanced Manufacture

Volume 594

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuh Ping Chang, Kuo Hsing Wang, Chao Hsien Lin, Chien Te Liu, Yih Chyun Hwang

Abstract: Generally speaking, the major parameter which has been used to monitor the dynamic tribological properties of the films over the past...

Authors: Yuh Ping Chang, Ruei Hong Wang, Yu Yang Hung, Huann Ming Chou, Jin Chi Wang

Abstract: The tribo-electrification mechanisms had been successfully applied to dynamic monitor the tribological properties between the metal films...

Authors: Ming Hwei Chu, Yuan Kang, Yi Wei Chen, Yeon Pun Chang

Abstract: In this paper, the mathematic model of the swashplate type variable displacement axial piston pump (VDAPP) is established. The VDAPP...

Authors: Jin Wei Liang, Hung Yi Chen, Shy Yaw Chiang

Abstract: The fuzzy sliding-mode control strategy is used to tackle tracking problem of a piezo-actuated stage in this paper. The piezo-actuated...

Authors: Albert Wen Jeng Hsue

Abstract: This paper presented tries to improve finishing accuracy through monitoring the lateral gap-width by an adaptive fuzzy logic controller....

Authors: Yuan Ming Cheng, Chien Hsun Kuo, Jih Hua Chin

Abstract: Parallel mechanisms could be hardly used in contour tracking because of their mechanism features. This study proposed a link-space real...

Authors: Jium Ming Lin, Po Kuang Chang

Abstract: This paper integrated multi-domain knowledge of electronics, optics, control as well as precision measurement, and proposing a high...

Authors: Shu Hsing Chen, Cheng Ho Li

Abstract: Dielectrophoresis is a technique of using high-frequency electric fields to manipulate dielectric particles. This work applies this...

Authors: Jian Jun Su, Xiao Ping Liao, Xiao Rong Zhou, Shuang Fei Wang

Abstract: Collaborations abstract the interactions among a group of objects above the level of an individual object-oriented programming (OOP)...

Authors: Song Hao Wang, Steven Melendez, Chyi Shyan Tsai, Chi Wei Wu

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to make design automation possible by parametric design and design associability in 3D CAD. Applications...


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