Influence of Interstitials Content on the Sensitivity of Alloy 718 to Oxidation Assisted Intergranular Fracture


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Alloy 718 is known to be sensitive to oxidation assisted intergranular cracking. It is also demonstrated that the occurrence of jerky flow (also called Portevin-Le Châtelier effect) stops the intergranular damaging mechanism. As dynamic strain ageing is known to be linked with the alloy content of interstitial species, the aim of the present work is to study the effect of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen concentrations on the mechanical behaviour of thin tensile specimens tested under oxidation conditions close to those encountered industrially for turbo machine disks. Thanks to heat treatments performed under reducing atmosphere, the content of interstitial species in tested alloy 718 samples is gradually curbed. Tensile specimens were then tested between 550 and 700°C for the strain rate range [10-5, 10-1] s-1. The key point of this work is that, for a given testing temperature, the tensile tests clearly demonstrated that the transition from an intergranular fragile fracture mode to a transgranular ductile one was always linked with the occurrence of Portevin-Le Châtelier phenomenon but for slower strain rates in comparison with what was observed on the as received aged material tested in the same conditions. This shift of the transition of fracture mode through the lower strain rates remained true until a threshold value of the heat treatment time under reducing atmosphere. Specimens heat treated over this value systematically exhibited a fully transgranular ductile fracture mode, whatever the plastic flow regime was. Implication of such a finding on the intergranular embrittlement of alloy 718 by high temperature oxidation is then discussed.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 595-598)

Edited by:

Pierre Steinmetz, Ian G. Wright, Alain Galerie, Daniel Monceau and Stéphane Mathieu






B. Ter-Ovanessian et al., "Influence of Interstitials Content on the Sensitivity of Alloy 718 to Oxidation Assisted Intergranular Fracture", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 595-598, pp. 951-958, 2008

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September 2008




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