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Authors: Pentti O. Kettunen
Abstract:The present background description concentrates on the structure of wood xylem, on the mechanical strength properties under monotonic...
Authors: Martin Müller
Abstract:X-ray scattering techniques have been a very useful tool for the non-destructive analysis of the wood structure. X-rays are sensitive to...
Authors: Marko Peura, Seppo Andersson, Ari Salmi, Timo Karppinen, Mika Torkkeli, Edward Hæggström, Ritva Serimaa
Abstract:The excellent mechanical properties of wood arise from its cellular and cell wall structure. X-ray scattering, ultrasound, and mechanical...
Authors: Pentti O. Kettunen, Taina Vuoristo, Terho Kaasalainen
Abstract:Strength values of the sapwood of Siberian yellow pine were measured in a system with orthogonal coordinates along the axial, radial, and...
Authors: Elisabeth Windeisen, Gerd Wegener
Abstract:Thermal treatments of two wood species were examined. The temperature load at 200 °C on the wood causes characteristic changes in the...
Authors: Pentti O. Kettunen, Heikki Kettunen, Mika Sarkkinen, Päivi Henttu, Kati Rissa
Abstract:Two man-made wooden objects, called here a “boat” and an “outrigger”, were found above one another in 2004 and 2006 in Kuusamo, Finland. A...
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