Growth Kinetics of 3C-SiC on α-SiC by VLS


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The growth kinetics of 3C-SiC heteroepitaxial layers on α-SiC substrates by Vapour-Liquid-Solid (VLS) mechanism in Ge-Si melts was investigated. Various parameters were studied such as temperature, melt composition, propane flux and substrate nature (polytype, polarity and misorientation). It was found that the growth rate increases with increasing temperature, propane flux, Si content of the melt and misorientation of the substrate. The calculated activation energy (from 4.7 to 6.6 kcal/mole depending on the substrate type) is very small suggesting that the limiting process is the diffusion of the dissolved carbon inside the melt. The carbon solubility inside the melt mainly affects the carbon dissolution kinetics from the gas phase. The results also suggest that surface effects are important through the layer polarity and crystalline quality.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 600-603)

Edited by:

Akira Suzuki, Hajime Okumura, Tsunenobu Kimoto, Takashi Fuyuki, Kenji Fukuda and Shin-ichi Nishizawa






M. Soueidan et al., "Growth Kinetics of 3C-SiC on α-SiC by VLS", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 600-603, pp. 199-202, 2009

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September 2008




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