Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2007

Volumes 600-603

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Masashi Nakabayashi, Tatsuo Fujimoto, Masakazu Katsuno, Noboru Ohtani, Hiroshi Tsuge, Hirokatsu Yashiro, Takashi Aigo, Taizo Hoshino, Hosei Hirano, Kohei Tatsumi

Abstract: The theromoelastic stress in post-growth SiC crystals has been investigated in order to suppress the cracks which were frequently observed...

Authors: R.T. Leonard, Y. Khlebnikov, Adrian R. Powell, C. Basceri, M.F. Brady, I. Khlebnikov, Jason R. Jenny, D.P. Malta, Michael J. Paisley, Valeri F. Tsvetkov, R. Zilli, E. Deyneka, H.McD. Hobgood, Vijay Balakrishna, Calvin H. Carter Jr.

Abstract: Recent advances in PVT c-axis growth process have shown a path for eliminating micropipes in 4HN-SiC, leading to the demonstration of zero...

Authors: Erwin Schmitt, Thomas L. Straubinger, Michael Rasp, Michael Vogel, Andreas Wohlfart

Abstract: We carried out investigations to elucidate the reasons for polytype changes in 4H. The aim was to sustain polytype stability throughout the...

Authors: Emil Tymicki, Krzysztof Grasza, Władysław Hofman, Ryszard Diduszko, Rafał Bożek

Abstract: Silicon carbide single crystals grown by the seeded physical vapour transport method have been investigated. These crystals were grown on...

Authors: Philip Hens, Ulrike Künecke, Peter J. Wellmann

Abstract: We present p-type doping of bulk SiC crystals by the modified physical vapor transport (M-PVT) technique using TMA (Tri-Methyl-Aluminum)....

Authors: Octavian Filip, Boris M. Epelbaum, Juan Li, Matthias Bickermann, Xian Gang Xu, Albrecht Winnacker

Abstract: Results on bulk growth of SiC crystals along rhombohedral [01-1n] directions are presented. 6H- and 4H-crystals were grown on rhombohedral...


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