Temperature Dependence of Free Volume in Epoxy/Rectorite Nanocomposites by Positron Annihilation


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Recently polymer nanocomposites[1,2] have been receiving special attention because of its advantages and unique properties in comparison to the traditional polymer composites.The structural transformation of Epoxy (cured by polyamide) and epoxy/Rectorite nanocomposite(with 0.5% rectorite content) is studied by PALS as a function of temperature from 30K to 490K. For Epoxy and Epoxy/Rectorite nanocomposite, the glass transition temperature (Tg) is observed to be 270K and 260K, the second transition temperature (Tγ) is 160K and 120K, the viscous flow temperature (Tf) is the same as 380K. The result shows that properties of the free-volume in nanocomposite have been changed by the rectorite platelets fully separated in material at low temperature. At the same time, we find that the intensity of o-Ps decreases with increase of the temperature at the softening temperature above the Te.



Edited by:

S. J. Wang, Z. Q. Chen, B. Wang and Y. C. Jean






M. Zhang et al., "Temperature Dependence of Free Volume in Epoxy/Rectorite Nanocomposites by Positron Annihilation", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 607, pp. 210-212, 2009

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November 2008




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