Development of Positron Microbeam in AIST


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To improve the spatial resolution of positron annihilation spectroscopy (PAS), a system to produce an intense positron microbeam was developed in AIST. A slow positron beam, which was produced by an electron linear accelerator, was focused by a lens onto a remoderator to enhance its brightness. The brightness-enhanced beam with an intensity of ≈1 × 106 e+/s was extracted from the remoderator and focused onto the sample by a lens. The beam size at the sample was 25 μm, which is more than two and half orders of magnitude smaller than that in the magnetic transport system (≈10 mm). Hence, the spatial resolution of PAS with an AIST positron microbeam can be drastically improved relative to PAS using conventional methods.



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S. J. Wang, Z. Q. Chen, B. Wang and Y. C. Jean




N. Oshima et al., "Development of Positron Microbeam in AIST", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 607, pp. 238-242, 2009

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November 2008