Development of the Positron Facility at the Argonne National Laboratory’s 20 MeV Linac


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We present an update on positron-facility development at Argonne National Laboratory. We will discuss advantages of using low energy electron accelerator, present our latest results on slow positron production simulations, and plans for further development of the facility. We have installed a new converter/moderator assembly that is appropriate for our electron energy and that allows increasing the yield about an order of magnitude. We have obtained a Penning trap and buncher from LLNL that we plan to install. We have simulated the relative yields of thermalized positrons as a function of incident positron energy on the moderator. We use these data to calculate positron yields that we compare with our experimental data as well as with available literature data. We will discuss the new design of the next generation positron front end utilizing reflection moderation geometry.



Edited by:

S. J. Wang, Z. Q. Chen, B. Wang and Y. C. Jean






S. Chemerisov and C. D. Jonah, "Development of the Positron Facility at the Argonne National Laboratory’s 20 MeV Linac", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 607, pp. 243-247, 2009

Online since:

November 2008




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