Positron and Positronium Chemistry

Volume 607

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.607

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Authors: Yan Ching Jean, Hong Min Chen, L. James Lee, Jin Tao Yang, Xiao Hong Gu, Wei Song Hung, Kueir Rarn Lee, Juin Yih Lai, Yi Ming Sun, Chien Chieh Hu

Abstract: Positron and Positronium chemistry has been pursued and advanced by many scientists and engineers in both fundamental understanding of...

Authors: J.A. Young, C.M. Surko

Abstract: At incident positron energies below the threshold for positronium atom formation, there are many cases in which annihilation rates for...

Authors: D.B. Cassidy, S.H.M. Deng, R.G. Greaves, N. Lopez-Valdez, V. Meligne, H.W.K. Tom, A.P. Mills

Abstract: Recent observations of molecular positronium (Ps2) were based on a correlation between changes in positronium (Ps) lifetime spectra...

Authors: S.H.M. Deng, D.B. Cassidy, A.P. Mills

Abstract: A single crystal Al (111) sample cleaned by repeated cycles of ion bombardment and annealing was irradiated by a subnanosecond high density...

Authors: David M. Schrader

Abstract: Dipositronium, Ps2, was recently prepared [1]. This is significant because: • It is the first laboratory observation of a molecule that...

Authors: Laszlo Lizkay, C. Corbel, P. Perez, P. Desgardin, Marie France Barthe, Toshiyuki Ohdaira, Ryoichi Suzuki, P. Crivelli, Ulisse Gendotti, A. Rubbia, M. Etienne, A. Walcarius

Abstract: Positron annihilation gamma energy distribution, lifetime spectroscopy and time-of-flight method were used to study surfactant-templated...

Authors: H.R.J. Walters

Abstract: The theoretical description of positron and positronium scattering by atoms within the context of the coupled pseuodostate approximation is...

Authors: Jerzy Kansy, Radosław Zaleski

Abstract: A new method of analysis of PALS spectra of porous materials is proposed. The model considers both the thermalization process of positronium...


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