Positron and Positronium Chemistry

Volume 607

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.607

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Authors: Wen Yu, Zhe Chen, Peng Fei Fang, Shao Jie Wang

Abstract: MA-g-HDPE and PA6-MMT were selected to improve the compatibility of HDPE and PA6. Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) and...

Authors: W. Rong, Peng Fei Fang, Q. Wang, Zhe Chen, Shao Jie Wang

Abstract: The anneal effect of PP/PA/MMT blends had been studied by positron annihilation lifetime spectra (PALS). The o-Ps lifetime and intensity of...

Authors: Jun Jun Wang, Bo Wang, Wei Zhou, Jing Gong, Zhen Li Gong, Shao Jie Yue

Abstract: The influences of curing agents and the water absorption on the microstructure have been studied by positron annihilation lifetime...

Authors: Wei Gong, Yi Yong Mai, Yong Feng Zhou, Ning Qi, Bo Wang, De Yue Yan

Abstract: In this paper, both lifetime and intensity in hyperbranched polymers were measured by using positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy...

Authors: Hong Mei Wang, Zhe Chen, Peng Fei Wang, Shao Jie Wang

Abstract: Two types of composites-high density polyethylene/polystyrene (HDPE/PS) with clay, and high density polyethylene grafted with acrylic...

Authors: Yu Chan Zhu, Bo Wang, Wei Zhou, Jin Rong Wu, Guang Su Huang

Abstract: The effect of the free volume on damping properties for CIIR (Chlorinated isoprene-isobutylene rubber) and CIIR/PEA (polyethylacrylate) were...

Authors: Atsuo Kawasuso, Yuki Fukaya, M. Hashimoto, Ayahiko Ichimiya, H. Narita, I. Matsuda

Abstract: In this work, we studied a few surfaces, of which the structures have not yet been revealed, using reflection high-energy positron...

Authors: R.S. Yu, X.B. Qin, Q.Z. Wang, Z. Zhang, Y.R. Zhong, Z.X. Li, Bao Yi Wang, Long Wei, Q.J. Jia, T. Kurihara

Abstract: Well-ordered 2-dimensional (2D) hexagonal and 3-dimensional (3D) cubic mesoporous silicon oxide thin films prepared using triblock...

Authors: Hong Feng Ren, Hui Min Weng, Bang Jiao Ye, Rong Dian Han, Hui Li, Chuan Bo Gao

Abstract: Slow positron beam are used to study defect structures in Co doped and undoped ZnO films prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) at 400°C,...

Authors: Carlos A. Palacio, Jérémie De Baerdemaeker, Danny Segers, Khaled M. Mostafa, Dries Van Thourhout, Charles Dauwe

Abstract: Positron transmission experiments were performed on free-standing poly(methyl-methacrylate) (PMMA) and polystyrene (PS) films of nanometric...


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