Positron and Positronium Chemistry

Volume 607

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.607

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Authors: H. Li, J.Y. Ke, J.B. Pang, Bo Wang, Z. Wang

Abstract: Defects induced by electron irradiation in Te-doped liquid-encapsulated Czochralski–grown GaSb were studied by the positron lifetime...

Authors: Jun Yu Ke, Hui Li, Jin Biao Pang, Yi Qun Dai, Zhu Wang, You Wen Zhao

Abstract: ositron lifetime spectroscopy (PAS) and Coincidence Doppler broadening measurements have been performed in as-grown and annealing single...

Authors: Xiang Lei Chen, Wei Feng Guo, Huai Jiang Du, Hui Min Weng, Bang Jiao Ye

Abstract: Superposed-neutral-atom model and the finite-difference method (SNA-FD) are used to calculate the positron lifetime of different sizes and...

Authors: Yu Yang Huang, Zhen Ying Chen, Ya Qin Wei, Yu Xia Li, Wen Deng

Abstract: Slow positron beam technique has been employed to study the defects of graphite, nanophase C, as well as the structural changes in un-doped,...

Authors: Wen Deng, Li Yue, Yu Xia Li, Xu Xin Cheng, Ya Qin Wei, Yu Yang Huang

Abstract: Slow positron beam technique has been applied to measure the Doppler broadening spectra for single crystals of Cu, SiO2, graphite, virgin...

Authors: Victor P. Shantarovich, V.W. Gustov, Y.P. Yampolskii, E.V. Belousova, A.V. Polyakova, M.K. Filimonov

Abstract: Membrane materials and polymer sorbents, polymers with highly developed free volume and specific surface, are of great technical importance....

Authors: Yasuyuki Nagashima, Toshihide Hakodate, Ayaka Miyamoto, Koji Michishio

Abstract: Recently, we have observed spontaneous emission of positronium negative ions from polycrystalline tungsten surface. In the present work, we...

Authors: Bożena Jasińska, Monika Śniegocka, Renata Reisfeld, Elena Zigansky

Abstract: The subject of investigation was porous glass produced using a sol-gel technique. ortho-Ps lifetimes and intensities in the material were...

Authors: Stefan Thränert, D. Enke, G. Dlubek, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg

Abstract: Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) is used to study a series of controlled pore glasses (CPG). The lifetime spectra were...

Authors: Z. Kajcsos, C. Kosanovic, S. Bosnar, B. Subotic, P. Major, Laszlo Liszkay, D. Bosnar, K. Lázár, H. Havancsák, A.T. Luu, N.D. Thanh

Abstract: In porous media, positron annihilation techniques (PAT) revealed the existence of annihilation modi with long lifetimes connected to...


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