Positron and Positronium Chemistry

Volume 607

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.607

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Authors: Hong Min Chen, L. James Lee, Jin Tao Yang, Xiao Hong Gu, Yan Ching Jean

Abstract: We have employed positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy to measure the free volumes in nanocomposites of polystyrene with addition of...

Authors: Radosław Zaleski, Jacek Goworek

Abstract: The ordering of n-nonadecane confined in the pores of MCM-41 silica was investigated by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy. No...

Authors: Wei Zhou, Shao Jie Yue, Jun Jun Wang, Bo Wang, Ya Ping Zheng

Abstract: Epoxy nanocomposites with multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) were prepared. The interaction between MWNTs and epoxy matrix and...

Authors: J. Wang, V.O. Jobando, C.A. Quarles

Abstract: Carbon black (CB) is essentially carbon in the form of extremely fine particle aggregates (100-200nm) having an amorphous molecular...

Authors: K. Yoshizawa, K. Sato, Hideoki Murakami, N. Shikazono, K. Fujimoto, M. Nakata

Abstract: Positron lifetime spectroscopy was conducted for natural minerals to investigate open-nano pores. Positronium (Ps) formation occurs with...

Authors: J.J. Long, Ai Hong Deng, Y.L. Zhou, Q. Hou, X.X. Yu, J. Yu, X. Cheng, Y.J. Zhang, L.Q. Shi

Abstract: In this paper, helium-charged nanocrystalline Ti films with different bias voltages were deposited by the He-Ar magnetron co-sputtering...

Authors: J. Lou, B.J. Ye, X.P. Wang, H.M. Weng, Huai Jiang Du, Z.B. Zhang

Abstract: Tungsten oxide (WOx) nanostructures were prepared by a hot filament chemical vapor deposition (HFCVD) system. Two series of samples were...

Authors: Wei Feng Guo, Xiang Lei Chen, Huai Jiang Du, Hui Min Weng, Bang Jiao Ye

Abstract: Positron annihilation lifetime spectra have been measured in carbon nanotubes being pressed as a function of pressure up to 1536MPa. In...

Authors: Xiu Bo Qin, Run Sheng Yu, Toshikazu Kurihara, Xing Zhong Cao, Bao Yi Wang, Long Wei

Abstract: We prepared a series of mesoporous silica films to study the structural information of ordered pores by positronium Time of Flight (Ps-TOF)...

Authors: Yu Yang Huang, Chao Xiong, Yu Xin Wang, Yan Qiong Lu, Wen Deng

Abstract: Positron lifetime and coincidence Doppler broadening spectra for porous silica calcined at temperatures from 900 to 1500 oC have been...


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