Advances in Electronic Materials

Volume 608

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hermann G. Grimmeiss, Erich Kasper

Abstract: Microelectronics is a central area within information technology, which is still one of the most important global technologies. It will be...

Authors: Erich Kasper, Hans Joachim Müssig, Hermann G. Grimmeiss

Abstract: Requirements and applications for three different scenarios in material science of microelectronics are discussed. Dimension scaling...

Authors: Erich Kasper

Abstract: Heterostructure device concepts promise several advantages in micro- and optoelectronics. From the material point of view, the main obstacle...

Authors: Jaroslaw Dąbrowski, Seiichi Miyazaki, S. Inumiya, G. Kozłowski, G. Lippert, G. Łupina, Y. Nara, Hans Joachim Müssig, A. Ohta, Y. Pei

Abstract: Electrical properties of thin high-k dielectric films are influenced (or even governed) by the presence of macroscopic, microscopic and...

Authors: Roberto Bez, Emilio Camerlenghi, Agostino Pirovano

Abstract: The development of the semiconductor industry through the CMOS technology has been possible thanks to the unique properties of the silicon...

Authors: Richard Friend

Abstract: Organic materials have been developed to operate as the active semiconductor in a wide range of semiconductor devices, including...

Authors: Anthony R. Peaker, Vladimir P. Markevich

Abstract: Solar power is seen by many as a solution to the world’s energy problems. The earth receives 1.7x1017W from the sun compared to a total...


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