Thin Films and Porous Materials

Volume 609

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H.Y. Seba, R. Cherfi, Farida Hamadache, M. Aoucher

Abstract: This communication reports on the effect of thermal annealing on the physicochemical and electrical properties of boron doped amorphous...

Authors: N. Zebbar, M.S. Aida, A.E.K. Hafdallah, O. Daranfad, H. Lekiket, M. Kechouane

Abstract: Experimental analysis of current –voltage and capacitance-voltage characteristics of n-ZnO/p-Si (100) heterostructures were presented....

Authors: N. Benzekkour, F.Z. Ghomrani, N. Gabouze, S. Kermadi, M. Boumaour, K. Ferdjani

Abstract: Substrate dipping in a composite sol-gel solution was used to prepare smooth and rough thin films of titanium dioxides (TiO2) on porous...

Authors: Hamza Boukhlouf, R. Benrabaa, S. Barama, A. Barama

Abstract: The nickel molybdate unsupported and supported on alumina or silica were prepared by co-precipitation and co-precipitation/impregnation...

Authors: Rabi Cheggou, N. Gabouze, A. Kadoun

Abstract: The basic voltammetric data of silicon/ fluoride-electrolyte interfaces available in the literature appear to be rather divers because of...

Authors: Mohamed Fadel Khelladi, M. Izerrouken, S. Kermadi, R. Tala-Ighil, Samira Sali, M. Boumaour

Abstract: The thermal annealing behavior of the SnO2 thin films elaborated by sol-gel method has been studied by the neutrons reflectivity technique....

Authors: A. Hakim Hammoudi, C. Benazzouz, S. Tobbeche, N. Benouattas, N. Boukhalfa

Abstract: The ternary system has been built by the deposit of two metal coats (layers), Gold and Palladium on a monocrystalline Silicon substrate of...

Authors: N. Kanoun-Bouayed, Souraya Goumri Said, A.E. Merad, M.B. Kanoun

Abstract: Electronic and magnetic properties of the rare earth nitride EuN and Ga1-xEuxN (x = 0.0625) are studied with the full potential (linearized)...

Authors: Tarek Guerfi, S. Beauquis, P. Galez, M.F. Mosbah

Abstract: Thallium based superconducting thin films of TlBa2CaCu2O7 (Tl-1212), Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 (Tl-2212) and Tl2Ba2Ca2Cu3O10 (Tl-2223) of about 100-125...

Authors: Kahina Ait-Hamouda, A. Ababou, N. Gabouze

Abstract: In this work, we report on the results of using a Diamond-Like Carbon / Porous Silicon (DLC/PS) double layer as antireflection coating to...


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