Thin Films and Porous Materials

Volume 609

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Said Bey, M.G. Bounomenna, M. Benamor, Enrico Drioli

Abstract: Wet phase inversion is used to prepare and control morphology of membrane based on PEEKWC in DMA at 14wt %. A comparison study has been done...

Authors: C. Benmouhoub, A. Kadri, N. Benbrahim, S. Hadji

Abstract: Nanoparticles of cerium oxide (CeO2) are synthesized with cerium (III) nitrates (Ce(NO3)3, 6H2O) by precipitation method in ammonium...

Authors: A. Keffous, M. Kechouane, Tahar Kerdja, Y. Belkacem, K. Bourenane, H. Menari, M. Maoudj, A. Boukezzata

Abstract: In this paper we present the study of a Schottky diode gas sensing by using porous SiC films with palladium as a catalytic metal. The...

Authors: O. Fellahi, T. Hadjersi, L. Guerbous

Abstract: Porous silicon is largely studied in the field of photonics because of its interesting optical properties. In this work we present an...

Authors: G. Fortas, S. Sam, Z. Fekih, N. Gabouze

Abstract: Co, CoNi and CoFeNi layers were formed on n-type silicon by electrodeposition method from sulfate solutions. The obtained films were...

Authors: N. Gabouze, Kahina Ait-Hamouda

Abstract: In this paper, a promising class of optical filters is introduced, based on Al2O3/PS/Si structure. The filters consist of thin layer of...

Authors: S. Kermadi, N. Agoudjil, Samira Sali, R. Tala-Ighil, M. Boumaour

Abstract: Application of thin films of SiO2 and TiO2 using the sol-gel process were utilized as antireflection coating on monocrystalline silicon...

Authors: H. Lachenani, H. Cheraga, H. Menari, N. Gabouze

Abstract: In the present work, the effect of palladium layers thickness and porous structure of silicon on the hydrogen gas sensor was studied. Hence,...

Authors: N. Megouda, T. Hadjersi, O. El Kachai, R. Boukherroub, L. Guerbous

Abstract: The paper reports on hydrothermal electroless etching of high resistivity p-type Si(100) at 35°C. A thin layer of platinum (Pt) was...

Authors: A.E. Merad, M.B. Kanoun

Abstract: The Cr2AlC and V2AlC nanolayered ternary carbides are studied by performing APW-lo ab initio total energy calculations within the recent...


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