Application of Inorganic Clay in Preparation of Coated Water-Transmitting Fiber


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Water Storage and Controlled-release Film (WSCF) material is a kind of composite film which can form a “small reservoir” in the soil to meet the need of plant growth when packed with water and embedded in soil around tree roots. Coated water-transmitting fiber is a kind of functional fiber which has effect of transmitting water in WSCF material. Different coated water-transmitting fibers were prepared by treating natural fiber using colloidal composite materials made of polyvinyl alcohol and inorganic clay such as Common clay, Kaolin or Bentonite. Furthermore, the water-transmitting capacity and surface morphology of coated water-transmitting fibers were studied by thermal multi-analyzer, instrument for quick moisture measure and SEM. The results show that coated water-transmitting fiber with continuous and compact surface has better water-transmitting capacity than those with uneven surface and the addition amount of clay also can affect the water-transmitting capacity of coated fiber. Additionally, coated water-transmitting fibers can regulate water transferring according to the variation of temperature or soil humidity.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 610-613)

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Zhong Wei Gu, Yafang Han, Fu Sheng Pan, Xitao Wang, Duan Weng and Shaoxiong Zhou






Z. Z. Zhang et al., "Application of Inorganic Clay in Preparation of Coated Water-Transmitting Fiber", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 610-613, pp. 120-124, 2009

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January 2009




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