Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of Fe-Doped TiO2 Nanopowders


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(0-2%) Fe-doped TiO2 nanopowders were prepared by sol-gel method. The Size, structure, appearance, the light absorption and hydroscopicity properties were characterized by XRD, TEM, UV-Vis and FTIR. The photocatalytic degradation of crystal violet under UV over catalyst was used as a probe reaction to evaluate their photocatalytic activity, the dependence of photocatalytic properties on Fe doping content and roasting temperature were also discussed. The results show that the process of phase transfer of TiO2 from anatase to rutile was promoted by doping Fe, 1.5% Fe3+-doped TiO2 nanoparticles formed many defects at grain boundaries, inhibited effectively the recombination of the photoproduced e-/h+, improved the efficiency of photons, enhanced the absorbing water function of catalyst, and 1.5% Fe3+-doped TiO2 revealled strongly absorption in UV and widened obviously absorption in Vis. Photocatalytic degradation ratio of crystal violet (4mg/L) on 1.5% Fe3+-doped TiO2 was increased 30% than pure TiO2.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 610-613)

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Zhong Wei Gu, Yafang Han, Fu Sheng Pan, Xitao Wang, Duan Weng and Shaoxiong Zhou






B. X. Ren and H. H. Teng, "Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of Fe-Doped TiO2 Nanopowders", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 610-613, pp. 248-252, 2009

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January 2009




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