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Authors: Masumi Saka, Hironori Tohmyoh, M. Muraoka, Yang Ju, K. Sasagawa
Abstract:Migration of atoms is presented to be utilized for fabrication of metallic micro/nanomaterials by controlling the phenomenon. Two kinds of...
Authors: Tatsuo Inoue
Abstract:A phenomenological mechanism of transformation plasticity is discussed, in the first part of the paper, why the transformation plastic...
Authors: Kenichi Tanaka, Xiao Hong Jiang
Abstract:Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) proved the existence of quasi-compounds on solid surfaces. A typical example is (-Ag-O-) or (-Cu-O-)...
Authors: Abel Cherouat, Laurence Giraud-Moreau, Houman Borouchaki
Abstract:This paper presents an advanced numerical methodology which aims to improve virtually any metal forming processes. It is based on...
Authors: Vincent Pensée, Qi Chang He, H. Le Quang
Abstract:The purpose of this work is to extend the equations of linear poroelasticity to the case of materials with nanopores. We consider a model of...
Authors: Zhao Xi Wang, Hui Ji Shi, Jian Lu
Abstract:Experiments of fracture toughness with non-standard SENB specimens of five different thicknesses were performed to investigate the size...
Authors: Yu Yong Chen, Fan Tao Kong, Hong Bao Yu, De Liang Zhang
Abstract:Ti-45Al-2Cr-2Nb-1B-0.5Ta (at.%) bulk alloys with dense and ultrafine grains were fabricated by Double Mechanical Milling (mechanical milling...
Authors: Fan Tao Kong, Yu Yong Chen
Abstract:Effects of heat treatment on the microstructure of as-cast and as-forged Ti-45Al-5Nb-0.3Y alloy are discussed. The as-cast Ti-45Al-5Nb-0.3Y...
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