Influence of Nanoparticles Modification on the Properties of Bitumen


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In this study, the influence of some inorganic nanoparticles on the properties of bitumen binder was investigated. Three types of particles at nanometer level, calcium carbonate powder, graphite and carbon black, were introduced to modify bitumen respectively. The modified binders were prepared using a laboratory high-shear mixer. A dynamic shear rheometer (DSR) was adopted to characterize the properties of modified binders, including their rheological parameters and dynamic viscosity, over a certain range sweeps of temperatures, frequencies and shear rates. It was found that the addition of the nanoparticles increased the binder’s elasticity at low temperature which might negatively influence its resistance to crack. However the decrease of phase angle at high temperature might improve its deformation resistance. The shear rate dependence of dynamic viscosity for the binders depended on the type of nanoparticle. The research results indicated that the addition of nanoparticles to bitumen binder can change its physical properties to some extent and its potential should be researched further.



Edited by:

Jian Lu






S. P. Wu et al., "Influence of Nanoparticles Modification on the Properties of Bitumen", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 614, pp. 197-200, 2009

Online since:

March 2009




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