Advanced Materials Science and Technology, IFAMST 2008

Volume 614

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Yang Zhao, Xiao Dong Hu, Dong Ying Ju

Abstract: Experimental study on downstream rolling process for twin roll casting magnesium alloy strip was carried out. The microstructure of the...

Authors: A. Ayadi, Abel Cherouat, Mohammed Ali Rezgui, Najeh Mezghani

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical methodology which aims to improve 3D welded tube hydroforming formability. This methodology is based on...

Authors: B. Han, Dong Ying Ju

Abstract: As a novel surface strengthening technique, Water-jet cavitation peening has been applied to improve the fatigue life by inducing the...

Authors: Xiao Dong Hu, Hong Yang Zhao, Dong Ying Ju

Abstract: Twin-Roll-Casting process is a rapid solidification process combining with hot rolling deformation. The liquid metal will be squeezed out...

Authors: Ryuji Mukai, Dong Ying Ju, Hiroshi Suzuki

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is coming thing by the neutron diffraction method in respect of inside residual stress of carburizing-nitriding...

Authors: Johann Petit, Guillaume Montay, Manuel François

Abstract: The original and significant achievement of this work is to analyse strain rate field in aluminium alloy sheets during micro tensile test....

Authors: Seiki Sakoda, Katsuji Tosha

Abstract: This paper describes the influence of shot peening on of the peened surface and fatigue strength. Shot peening was performed by a wet...

Authors: Wen Xue Wang, T. Matsubara, Y. Takao, Y. Imai, Chao Nan Xu

Abstract: This paper describes a study on the application of smart mechanoluminescence (ML) sensor to structures for the visualization of stress...

Authors: Fu Xing Yin, Li Ming Yu, De Hai Ping, Satoshi Iwasaki

Abstract: The Snoek relaxation, a specific point-defect induced anelastic relaxation phenomenon, is characteristic of an internal friction peak in bcc...

Authors: Li Sun, W.M. Huang

Abstract: Abrupt softening phenomenon was observed in a shape memory CuAlNi single crystal upon uniaxial compression. Sudden martensite variant(s)...


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