Single Crystal and Polycrystalline 3C-SiC for MEMS Applications


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Cantilever resonators have been fabricated from two types of materials, single crystal and polycrystalline 3C-SiC films. The films have been grown in a hot-wall chemical vapor deposition reactor on 100 mm diameter p-type boron-doped (100) Si wafer without rotation of the wafer. The crystal structure of the films have been accessed with X-ray diffraction. The cantilever devices have been fabricated using a one-step etch and release process; the beam length has been varied between 50 and 200 µm. Resonant frequencies in the range 110 KHz – 1.5 MHz and 50 – 750 KHz have been obtained for single crystal and polycrystalline SiC devices, respectively. Furthermore, the experimental resonance frequencies have been used to calculate the Young’s Modulus E for the two different types of SiC. The single crystal SiC, possessing a very high Young’s Modulus (446 GPa), should be an optimal material for RF-MEMS applications.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 615-617)

Edited by:

Amador Pérez-Tomás, Philippe Godignon, Miquel Vellvehí and Pierre Brosselard






A. Henry et al., "Single Crystal and Polycrystalline 3C-SiC for MEMS Applications", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 615-617, pp. 625-628, 2009

Online since:

March 2009




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