Die Casting Improvements through Melt Shear


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Melt flow and solidification within a die casting cavity is a complex process dependent in part on melt pressure (with or without intensification), melt velocity, melt flow path, thermal gradients within the die, die lubrication and melt viscosity. Casting defects such as short shots, cold shuts and shrinkage porosity can readily occur if casting conditions are not optimised. Shrinkage porosity in particular is difficult to eradicate from castings that comprise thick sections, since these sections will usually solidify late in the casting cycle and may be starved of melt supply during the critical solidification (and contraction) stage. The current work seeks to elucidate the influence of the melt shearing on the die casting process and demonstrates that the modifications made to the melt through introduction of a local constriction in the melt path can generate improvements in casting microstructure and reduce shrinkage porosity.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 618-619)

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M.S. Dargusch & S.M. Keay






R. G. O'Donnell et al., "Die Casting Improvements through Melt Shear", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 618-619, pp. 33-37, 2009

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April 2009




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