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Authors: Sergei Alexandrov
Abstract:The present paper concerns with the concept of the strain rate intensity factor in rigid plastic solids. The strain rate intensity factor is...
Authors: Nelli N. Alexandrova, Paulo M.M. Vila Real
Abstract:Flywheel rotor performance monitoring and damage detection are increasingly gaining the interest of manufacturers of aircraft engines. This...
Authors: Steeve Dejardin, Jean Claude Gelin, Sebastien Thibaud
Abstract:The paper is related to the analysis of shape distortions and springback effects arising in Single Point Incremental Forming. An experimental...
Authors: David Harris
Abstract:In this paper we discuss properties of dense granular °ows and elaborate on some properties of a model which generalises the classical...
Authors: Li Hui Lang, Bao Sheng Liu, He Jun Liu, Elena Lyamina
Abstract:The flow behavior and ductility of the Aluminium alloy 5A06 was investigated in the tensile test at the elevated temperatures from 20oC to...
Authors: Elena Lyamina, Gow Yi Tzou, Shao Yi Hsia
Abstract:The paper concerns with an effect of plastic anisotropy on the load required to deform hollow cylinders between two parallel, rough dies. It...
Authors: Mohammad Ali Mirzai, Kenichi Manabe
Abstract:Reliable test results that show the material characteristics of a micromaterial are necessary for the accurate analysis and design of...
Authors: Wiktoria Miszuris
Abstract:The plane strain compression of a long symmetric strip consisted of a three layer material between rigid, parallel, rough plates is under...
Authors: Marco Speich, Wolfgang Rimkus, Markus Merkel, Andreas Öchsner
Abstract:Hollow sphere structures are a new group of advanced lightweight materials for multifunctional applications. Within the scope of this paper,...
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