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Authors: Jean Marc Chaix
Abstract:Microstructure is the key scale to understand and describe sintering mechanisms and their consequences at the macroscopic level. As modeling...
Authors: Zoran S. Nikolic
Abstract:This paper summarizes and reviews a number of important theoretical and experimental results connected to study of gravitational effects on...
Authors: Anatoly F. Lisovsky
Abstract:The present review covers the deconsolidation aspects of refractory polycrystalline skeletons for composites based on refractory particles...
Authors: Gopal S. Upadhyaya
Abstract:In the present review a generalized view of sintering mechanism on the basis of the electronic nature of the chemical species involved has...
Authors: Koushik Biswas
Abstract:The most interesting feature in silicon carbide is the structure-property relation where the formation of different types of microstructure...
Authors: Koushik Biswas
Abstract:In view of considerable attention in the development of liquid phase sintered SiC, a comprehensive study of the data on processing, structure...
Authors: Pradyot Datta
Abstract:Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) are electrochemical devices that offer advantages over conventional power generation systems in terms of their...
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