Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science & Technology XIII Volume II

Volumes 628-629

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Ming Guo, C.L. Sun, H. Gao, L.H. Zou

Abstract: An extended Time Petri Net with condition information (ECTPN) is presented in this paper including two new attributes associated to place...

Authors: Zhi Yi Pan, X.Y. Cao, Y. Wu, Shun De Gao

Abstract: Though rule-based reasoning system is easy to create and convenient to extend, it is not flexible because of the demand for precise...

Authors: H.L. Li, Li Hui Lang, W. Jiao, H.Z. Su

Abstract: Selecting an appropriate preloaded coefficient has always been a challenge in wire- winding prestressed structure optimum design....

Authors: Li Gang Qu, Wei Wang, Da Wei Wu

Abstract: The functional and structural models of networked collaborative design system based on project management are brought forward in this paper....

Authors: Bo Yang, X.B. Ze, W.H. Cui

Abstract: Based on the survey of existing research work on collaborative design and on our experiences and work in product growth design theory, a...

Authors: Liang Chen

Abstract: A new product modeling method for product multidisciplinary collaborative design (MCD) is put forward. The method uses a flexible product...

Authors: Ya Ping Wang, Jiang Hua Ge, Jun Peng Shao, Zhi Qiang Li

Abstract: This paper established a decomposition hierarchical network model of project level collaborative design process, based on work breakdown...

Authors: Yuan Sheng Qi, Yu Feng Ding, X.H. Wang, J.J. Li, B. Zhang

Abstract: Aiming at the reuse of design knowledge, this paper proposes knowledge reuse technology for product design of printing press which is based...


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