Organic Coatings to Prevent Molten Metal Explosions


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Over 60 years ago the first reported molten metal explosion from a bleed-out during direct chill casting in an aluminium mill was reported. Soon thereafter, testing was performed to determine the root cause of the explosion. Upon determination of the root cause, an investigation to determine if any preventive measures could be instituted to prevent the explosions was conducted. Results found that a specific organic coating (e.g., Wise Chem E-212-F) prevented molten metal explosions, whereas some specific organic coatings initiated the explosions. Fifteen years ago the U.S. Department of Energy in conjuncture with the Aluminum Association reinvestigated the root cause of molten metal explosions. Testing revealed that an initiation or trigger had to be present for a molten metal explosion to occur. Testing identified three additional coatings that could afford protection.



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J. A. Taylor, J. F. Grandfield, A. Prasad






A. W. Lowery and J. Roberts, "Organic Coatings to Prevent Molten Metal Explosions", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 630, pp. 201-204, 2010

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October 2009




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