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Since October 2006 the Hydro Casthouse Reference Centre has been operating. The centre is a full scale state of the art pilot casting centre for extrusion ingot, sheet ingot and foundry alloys, consisting of a 17Mtons furnace with a metal loop, a launder system including modular in-line melt treatment units such as ceramic foam filters (CFF) and inline melt refining units (Hycast SIR) and a casting pit with the possibility to cast full size geometries and a casting length of 5.5m. A two strand horizontal casting machine further adds the possibility of continuous casting of extrusion ingot and foundry alloy ingot. The centre has a state of the art superior control system (SCS) and a lay-out, including control room facilities, well suited for training and demonstration purposes. In addition the centre has access to state of the art software codes for simulating the casting process (Alsim) and the as cast microstructure (Alstruc). The present paper gives some examples on how the centre is operating and the support that is offered to casthouses in Hydro. This includes (i) simulation of the casting processes (hot tearing and as cast structures) applying the Alsim and Alstruc codes, (ii) pilot scale testing of casting and melt treatment equipment, (iii) testing of new parameters and procedures for melt treatment and casting (iv) production of trial orders of new alloys and (v) practical training of casthouse operators (basic for molten metal handling, emergency situations and response, casting principles and trouble shooting, etc.).



Edited by:

J. A. Taylor, J. F. Grandfield, A. Prasad






T. Furu and I. K. Steen, "Hydro Casthouse Reference Centre", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 630, pp. 9-16, 2010

Online since:

October 2009




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