Aluminium Cast House Technology XI

Volume 630

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jerry Locatelli, Guang Wei Liu

Abstract: The transfer of molten aluminium from the potline crucible to the holding furnace is receiving renewed attention as pressure to reduce...

Authors: Ilie Butnariu, Ioana Butnariu, Dana Butnariu

Abstract: The present paper refers to the remelting of light waste. The research aims to provide a substantial decrease of the oxidation losses and a...

Authors: Guillaume Girard, J. Barresi, C. Dupuis, G. Riverin

Abstract: Scrap rate, throughput, alloy recovery and raw materials are all areas of the casthouse which usually get substantial attention as means of...

Authors: Franz Niedermair

Abstract: Continuous homogenizing for extrusion billets has become the accepted standard and state of the art technology. Hertwich Engineering (HE)...

Authors: Lee Allen, Paul Hipwood, Barry Houghton

Abstract: In early 2006, Fives Solios, namely Solios Thermal, was selected as a key cast house supplier by a major aluminium producer for a new...

Authors: Peter Newman

Abstract: This paper outlines various aluminium melting furnaces arrangement alternatives and their related benefits as well as the physical and...

Authors: Paul Campbell

Abstract: The benefits of circulating molten metal in an aluminum reverberatory furnace are well documented and include higher productivity, reduced...

Authors: María Victoria Canullo, Fernando Daroqui, Julio Ottaviani, Mauricio Martín, Rodolfo Acuña Laje

Abstract: In 2000 Aluar installed its first in-house designed launder system for liquid metal transfer from the furnaces to their continuous casting...

Authors: John F. Grandfield, John A. Taylor

Abstract: The technology for controlling smelter metal impurities post reduction has steadily improved. For example, control of sodium has seen the...

Authors: Leonard S. Aubrey, Rudolph Olson, David D. Smith

Abstract: Filtration of molten aluminium using porous reticulated ceramic foam was developed in 1974 by SELEE Corporation. Since that time, there...


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