Aluminium Cast House Technology XI

Volume 630

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: John H. Courtenay, Frank Reusch

Abstract: The development of a new prototype multi stage filter was described at TMS 2008 in which a ceramic foam filter was applied in a first...

Authors: Steve Poynton, Milan Brandt, John F. Grandfield

Abstract: Management of inclusions is an important part of quality control within the aluminium cast house. Inclusions have a detrimental effect on...

Authors: P.W. Baker

Abstract: Operational casthouses must, above all else, be capable of accepting all primary metal produced by the potlines so as not to limit the...

Authors: Robert B. Wagstaff, Todd F. Bischoff, Dave Sinden

Abstract: Fusion casting has been commercially available for over 3 years. Although there are many interesting points to casting, there are several...

Authors: Marcel Rosefort, Thomas Koehler, Hubert Koch

Abstract: Depending on the cast alloy, starting cracks are a common problem while casting aluminium extrusion billets. Hot crack formation is well...

Authors: Chris Emes, Richard J. Collins

Abstract: The aluminum billet casting industry is continually looking for reliable, simple and efficient ways to produce high quality, aluminum billet...

Authors: Dmitry G. Eskin, Laurens Katgerman

Abstract: This review paper summarizes the results of recent studies on different mechanisms of macrosegregation upon direct-chill (DC) casting of...

Authors: Alex W. Lowery, Joe Roberts

Abstract: Over 60 years ago the first reported molten metal explosion from a bleed-out during direct chill casting in an aluminium mill was reported....

Authors: Shaun Hamer

Abstract: For well over a decade, Almex USA Inc. has been supplying hard alloy casting technology to the aluminum industry. Today, customers on five...

Authors: Mark Easton, David H. StJohn, Lisa Sweet

Abstract: Grain refinement and hot tearing are important key factors affecting the quality of castings. There have been substantial advances in the...


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