Hydroxyapatite Coating on Ti-6Al-4V Alloy by an Electrolytic Process and with Heat-Treatment


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The effect of the heat-treatment on the calcium phosphate deposited on Ti-6Al-4V substrate by an electrolytic process has been investigated. The calcium phosphate were deposited in a 0.04M Ca(H2PO4)2・H2O (MCPM) solution on Ti-6Al-4V substrate at 60 °C, 10V and 80 Torr for 1h, and calcined at different temperature for 4h. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) were used to characterized the deposited samples. The XRD pattern of as-deposited sample contain the phase of dicalcium phosphate (DCPD) and HAP. When calcined at 400 °C for 4 h, the DCPD phase is vanished and HAP becomes the major phase. The XRD pattern reveals that the intensity of HAP and Ca2P2O7 (CPP) decreases, but the β-TCP, CaO and rutile TiO2 also shows up.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 631-632)

Edited by:

Akira Kawasaki, Akinaga Kumakawa and Masayuki Niino




C. L. Wang et al., "Hydroxyapatite Coating on Ti-6Al-4V Alloy by an Electrolytic Process and with Heat-Treatment", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 631-632, pp. 407-412, 2010

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October 2009




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