The Symmetry-Conforming Theory of Martensite Aging


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The Landau theory has been developed for the description of martensite aging. The characteristic features of the theory are: i) the multicomponent non-scalar character of the order parameter describing the slow reconfiguration of lattice defects after martensitic transformation (MT); ii) the complete agreement with Symmetry-Conforming Short-Range-Order principle formulated by X. Ren and K. Otsuka; iii) the applicability to the different MT-s and various defects related to aging phenomena. The physical values interpreted as the components of internal stress, which stabilizes certain variant of martensitic phase, have been composed of the components of slow non-scalar order parameter. An applicability of the developed theory to the description of influence of aging on the MT temperature and yield stress was demonstrated.



Edited by:

V. A. Chernenko and J. M. Barandiaran






V. A. L'vov et al., "The Symmetry-Conforming Theory of Martensite Aging", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 635, pp. 13-19, 2010

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December 2009


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