Friction Stir Processing: A Novel Approach for Microstructure Refinement of Magnesium Alloys


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In this article, recent investigations on magnesium alloys by friction stir processing (FSP) are addressed. It indicates that remarkable grain refinement and breakup/dissolution of second-phase particles could be achieved simultaneously by FSP. High values of superplastic elongation were achieved in the FSP magnesium alloys at a wide range of strain rates and temperatures. The pinning of heat resistant particles on the grain boundaries in Mg-RE alloys stabilized the fine microstructure, leading to the occurrence of superplasticity at higher temperature and higher strain rate.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 638-642)

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T. Chandra, N. Wanderka, W. Reimers , M. Ionescu




Z. Y. Ma et al., "Friction Stir Processing: A Novel Approach for Microstructure Refinement of Magnesium Alloys ", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 638-642, pp. 1191-1196, 2010

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January 2010




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