A Study on the Optimization of Reduction-Diffusion Process for Synthesis of Sm2Fe17Nx Nanopowder


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The present investigation attempted to optimize the R-D (reduction-diffusion) process for fabricating Sm2Fe17 nanoscale powder from ball-milled powders of samarium oxide and iron oxide using a solid reducing agent of calcium hydrides (CaH2). It was found that the target alloy phase of Sm2Fe17 can be produced by controlling the gas atmosphere in the process of powder preparation to R-D reaction. Powder handling of CaH2 in a protective atmosphere is essential to avoid the formation of Ca(OH)2 which suppresses calcium formation. A switching gas atmosphere of H2 to Ar-H2 during the R-D process at 350oC resulted in a reduction of Fe2O3 and alloying of Sm-Fe, consequently forming nanocrystalline Sm2Fe17.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 638-642)

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T. Chandra, N. Wanderka, W. Reimers , M. Ionescu




J.C. Yun et al., "A Study on the Optimization of Reduction-Diffusion Process for Synthesis of Sm2Fe17Nx Nanopowder", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 638-642, pp. 1796-1801, 2010

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January 2010




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