Functional and Structural Materials, FUNCMAT2009

Volume 643

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Boniek Evangelista Leite, Rafael Feliciano De Macedo, Wanderley Ferreira Amorim Júnior, Carlos José de Araújo

Abstract: The objective of this work was the development of a processing methodology for embedding NiTi fibers into a polymer-based composite plate. A...

Authors: Rômulo Pierre Batista Dos Reis, Cícero da Rocha Souto, Carlos José de Araújo, Antonio Almeida Silva, Edson Paulo da Silva

Abstract: Shape memory alloys (SMA) are thermo-responsive materials where deformation can be induced and recovered through temperature changes....

Authors: Júlio Cesar Santos, Antunes Andre Da Silva, Afonso Paulo Monteiro Pinheiro, Leonardo Kyo Kabayama, Odair Doná Rigo, Jorge Otubo

Abstract: The rocket propellant ignition system uses electro-explosive device actuated by wire electrode. Those wires are usually made by Fe-Ni based...

Authors: Zoroastro Tôrres Vilar, Carlos José de Araújo, Rômulo Pierre Batista Dos Reis

Abstract: The possibility of uniting two or more different materials to obtain structures capable to feel and adapt to environmental alterations and...

Authors: Niédson José Da Silva, Jobson Alberto Silva, Rômulo Pierre Batista Dos Reis, Jackson de Brito Simões, Carlos José de Araújo

Abstract: The relevant and unique thermomechanical properties of shape memory alloys (SMA) have motivated researches for applications in several...

Authors: Niédson José Da Silva, Estephanie Nobre Dantas Grassi, Carlos José de Araújo

Abstract: Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) are smart materials that have attracted increasing attention due to their superior damping properties when...

Authors: Leonardo Kyo Kabayama, Odair Doná Rigo, Jorge Otubo

Abstract: Most of the applications of NiTi SMA are as a wire form. In this sense it is important to know the effects of thermo-mechanical processing...

Authors: Carlos Augusto Nascimento Oliveira, Euclides Apolinário Cabral De Pina, Cezar Henrique Gonzalez, Carlos José de Araújo, U.S.L. Filho, Oscar Olimpio de Araújo Filho

Abstract: The use of smart material such as Ti-Ni in actuators application requires an intense mechanical and metallurgical investigation to...

Authors: Jorge Otubo, André da Silva Antunes

Abstract: Earlier works showed that NiTi shape memory alloy production by electron beam melting (EBM) is a viable process in which its main...


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