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  | Authors: Joaquim Portillo, Edgar F. Rauch, Stavros Nicolopoulos, Mauro Gemmi, Daniel Bultreys
Abstract:Precession electron diffraction (PED) is a new promising technique for electron diffraction pattern collection under quasi-kinematical...
Authors: Ruben Flores-Campos, Rogelio Deaquino-Lara, J. Martin Herrera-Ramírez, Arturo Ponce, Ivanovich Estrada-Guel, Mario Miki-Yoshida, Roberto Martínez-Sánchez
Abstract:Aluminum-based nanocomposites have been produced by mechanical milling, introducing silver nanoparticles within the matrix of a 7075 aluminum...
Authors: E. Servín-Hernández, Oliverio S. Rodríguez-Fernández, L.A. García-Cerda
Abstract:A magnetic polyvinylchloride (PVC) nanocomposite was prepared by static casting using a plasticizer-based ferrofluid. Two sets of...
Authors: S. López-García, Saul Sánchez-Valdés, L.F. Ramos de Valle
Abstract:A study of the effect of an ionomer compatibilizer (surlyn® 9520 and 9721, both with zinc as the neutralizing cation) on the morphology and...
Authors: F. Soriano, C. de Anda, G. Morales, Arturo Ponce
Abstract:High impact polystyrene (HIPS) is considered a heterogeneous polymeric system and is constituted by a disperse phase of rubber particles...
Authors: M.D. Morales-Acosta, M.A. Quevedo-López, Husam N. Alshareef, B.E. Gnade, R. Ramírez-Bon
Abstract:Organic-inorganic hybrid films were synthesized by a modified sol-gel process. PMMA-SiO2 films were prepared using methylmethacrylate (MMA),...
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