Advanced Electron Microscopy and Nanomaterials

Volume 644

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rodolfo Ramos-González, L.A. García-Cerda, Husam N. Alshareef, B.E. Gnade, M.A. Quevedo-López

Abstract: This work reports the preparation and characterization of hafnium (IV) oxide (HfO2) nanoparticles grown by derived sol-gel routes that...

Authors: Yibran Perera

Abstract: The present paper shows an overview related to the preparation and characterization of different nano-materials such as: silica, alumina,...

Authors: Rebeca G. Melendez, Karla J. Moreno, Ivana Moggio, Eduardo Arias, Arturo Ponce, Irantzu Llanera, Sergio E. Moya

Abstract: In this paper, we studied the influence of the silver nanoparticles size on the electrical conductivity of PEDOT:PSS in Ag(PEDOT:PSS) films....

Authors: J. Reyes-Gasga, J.M. Montejano-Carrizales, Miguel José-Yacamán

Abstract: The selected area electron diffraction patterns and structure of pentagonal cross-section nanowires reported for silver are commented and...

Authors: Leo A. Baldenegro-Perez, Wardia Debray-Mechtaly, E. Fuentes-Fernandez, M.A. Quevedo-López, Husam N. Alshareef, Pradeep Shah, B.E. Gnade

Abstract: In the present study a complete analysis of the morphological and electrical properties of PZT layers with composition 53Zr-47Ti is...

Authors: Mario Curiel, Ivan Petrov, Nicola Nedev, Diana Nesheva, Mauro R. Sardela, Yuya Murata, Benjamin Valdez, Emil Manolov, Irina Bineva

Abstract: X-ray Diffraction and Reflectivity, Transmission Electron Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy were applied to study the effect of thermal...

Authors: M.A. García-Lobato, A. Hernández-V, H.M. Hdz-García, Arturo I. Martinez, M.I. Pech-Canul

Abstract: Fe2O3 thin films were obtained on glass substrates by the ultrasonic spray pyrolysis technique; additionally, a thermodynamic analysis on...

Authors: N. Muñoz Aguirre, J. Eduardo Rivera-López, L. Martínez Pérez, Pedro A. Tamayo Meza

Abstract: Aluminum doped ZnO thin films were synthesized by the water-mist assisted spray pyrolysis technique. The structural characterization by...

Authors: L.A. García-Cerda, Bertha A. Puente Urbina, M.A. Quevedo-López, B.E. Gnade, Leo A. Baldenegro-Perez, Husam N. Alshareef, Martin A. Hernández-Landaverde

Abstract: In this study, HfxZr1-xO2 (0 < x < 1) thin films were deposited on silicon wafers using a dip-coating technique and by using a precursor...

Authors: Yadira Arroyo Rojas Dasilva, Piere Ruterana, Lise Lahourcade, Eva Monroy, Gilles Nataf

Abstract: In the fabrication GaN-based devices, several growth orientations are currently under investigation in order to exploit material properties...


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