Short-Length Step Morphology on 4° Off Si-Face Epitaxial Surface Grown on 4H-SiC Substrate


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We developed a production technology for epitaxial growth with a smooth surface morphology for 4º off Si-face 4H-SiC epitaxial layers on 100 mm-diameter substrates. High-contrast topography images by optical surface analyzer revealed that a step bunching free surface was obtained throughout the whole area of the wafer surface. However, short-length steps still remained locally on the epitaxial surfaces. Using photoluminescence imaging, it was clarified that the short-length steps were morphological in nature and did not contain stacking faults. The short-length steps were generated by step-flow growth pinning caused by the shallow pits of threading screw dislocations revealed by molten KOH etching.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 645-648)

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Anton J. Bauer, Peter Friedrichs, Michael Krieger, Gerhard Pensl, Roland Rupp and Thomas Seyller




K. Momose et al., "Short-Length Step Morphology on 4° Off Si-Face Epitaxial Surface Grown on 4H-SiC Substrate", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 645-648, pp. 115-118, 2010

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April 2010




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[11] -20] 50 µm (a) (b) (c) 50 µm 50 µm.

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