Temperature and Injection Level Dependencies of Carrier Lifetimes in p-Type and n-Type 4H-SiC Epilayers


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Temperature and injection level dependencies of carrier lifetimes in p-type and n-type 4H-SiC epilayers have been investigated. The carrier lifetimes have been measured by differential microwave photoconductance decay measurements at various injection levels and temperatures. In both p-type and n-type epilayers, the carrier lifetimes gradually increased with increasing the injection level except for the very high injection condition. And the carrier lifetimes exhibited continuous increase with elevating the temperature for both epilayers. The carrier lifetime reached 3.3 µs in p-type and 4.2 µs in n-type epilayers at 250°C and an injection level of 1.8x1016 cm-3.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 645-648)

Edited by:

Anton J. Bauer, Peter Friedrichs, Michael Krieger, Gerhard Pensl, Roland Rupp and Thomas Seyller




T. Hayashi et al., "Temperature and Injection Level Dependencies of Carrier Lifetimes in p-Type and n-Type 4H-SiC Epilayers", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 645-648, pp. 199-202, 2010

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April 2010




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