CL/EBIC-SEM Techniques for Evaluation of Impact of Crystallographic Defects on Carrier Lifetime in 4H-SiC Epitaxial Layers


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The effect of various types of in-grown stacking faults and threading screw/edge type dislocations on carrier lifetime and diffusion lengths in 4H-SiC epitaxial films was investigated through cathodoluminescence decays and charge collection efficiencies of electron beam induced current signals at specific defects sites. Most stacking faults yielded ~40% reduction in the carrier lifetime. Moreover, drastic lifetime reductions were observed in regions containing surface triangular defects and bulk 3C polytype inclusions. Dislocations of both types serve as efficient recombination centers, though stronger reduction in diffusion lengths was observed in the vicinity of screw type dislocations.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 645-648)

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Anton J. Bauer, Peter Friedrichs, Michael Krieger, Gerhard Pensl, Roland Rupp and Thomas Seyller




S. I. Maximenko et al., "CL/EBIC-SEM Techniques for Evaluation of Impact of Crystallographic Defects on Carrier Lifetime in 4H-SiC Epitaxial Layers", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 645-648, pp. 211-214, 2010

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April 2010




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